lauantaina, heinäkuuta 13, 2013

The greatest thing

A friend of mine asked me today what is the greatest thing for me in this world? Well, that was a big question! I thought that there certainly are many great things that I appreciate and value. My family, friends, health, summer... Then I realized: the greatest thing is the absolute mystery of this moment. On one hand it is always this moment - nothing exists but this moment. On the other hand this moment is never the same. It's always new and fresh. I feel that this very moment is always like an invitation or a question: "would you like to be with me?", "would you like to stay with me?", "are you interested in me?" And what is my reply? What is yours? This moment is life itself. Would you like to hang around with it? Now.

(photo: Windmill in Hiiumaa, Estonia July 2013)