maanantaina, marraskuuta 25, 2013

Feeling unworthy? Meaningless? Desparate? Lost?

The natural reaction is to fight against these unpleasant feelings. But you know what... Actually you don't have to fight. Instead of fighting you can just acknowledge the existence of these feelings. These feelings are true, they're part of you but they do not define who you actually are. Instead of being desparate you can acknowledge the feeling of being desparate. Instead of being lost you can see the thought of being lost. Can you see the difference?

The real you is big. I mean it's really really really B-I-G. It's huge. It's vast and it's limitless. There are no boundaries. No, I'm not talking about your ego. Ego loves categories, boundaries and restrictions. Ego is defined by boundaries. Ego is identification with conceptual mind and its endless stories. These stories tell nice and not-so-nice stories about you and your accomplishments and failures. The real you allows and accepts all feelings and thoughts as they arise within your consciousness. Actually you don't even have to do the allowance nor acceptance as it's already done. This moment is a living proof. This moment is the acceptance that you've already done. It's all done. The mysterious liveliness of this moment means that deep down in your soul you've already said "Yes, be it so".

The real you is more than any feeling or thought that tries to limit you. The real you is "I am" that manifests as this moment. The real you is all that exists in the Now.

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