perjantaina, syyskuuta 28, 2012

Tie vie

kohti Valoa. Valossa. Se on ihmisen tarkoitus. Tulla Valoksi. Itsettömyyden kautta todelliseksi itseksi. The real me. I believe that the ego is the one that has to go down so that the real self can emerge. That is the meaning of existence. To become love and light, to shine truth, love and mercy. That is why we were born in this world. Simple? Yes. And no. Ego will do anything for its survival. It will trick you with all its might and wit. It will persuade you to believe in selfishness. Its existence is based on fear and distrust. In Light, in Love and in Jesus there is no fear. There is oneness. When Christ lives in your heart, you will become smaller and smaller and at the very same time you will become the real you. That is the Path we all are invited to. Path of Love, the only Path that is worth walking.

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