tiistaina, tammikuuta 12, 2016

The Heavenly Path

"That person who lives according to The Law Of Light is always free. Her work is called freedom. She has thrown away her blinkers and is engaged in honing her ability to be intimate. She has grasped the cosmic: that she is here to serve in the world. (...)

She leaves everything to her intuition and her higher Self. For she knows that, if she doesn't, she will be cut off from her heavenly state. She walks lightly on the earth and moves gracefully through life. Her confidence is unlimited and she doesn't try to understand that which cannot be understood. She is not afraid to let things be as they are, but offers help when it's needed. (...)

She doesn't need to be defended, because she is genuine and therefore cannot be attacked.

Why should she think the grass is greener in other places when it flourishes under her wherever she walks?

If she comes by, it is she who treats the over-achiever's wounds and looks after him in his last hours. When her own time comes, she doesn't despair, but goes confidently toward it. She knows that death is merely a bridge, a transition to a higher aspect of life. She has chosen The Heavenly Path."
~Lars Muhl, The Celestial Path)

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